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Steve Loesch

Steve Loesch

Financial Advisor

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Steve Loesch has a passion for math and economic formulas, not to mention problem solving, which helps him in his role of Partner/Wealth Management Advisor at Financial Resources Group. Steve has long had a passion for the investment industry, getting in on investing himself long before he went off to college. In fact, he was known to buy securities and even loan his family money during grade school, with compounding interest, of course!

When it comes to working with clients, Steve loves interacting and helping to solve problems. He has a knack for connecting with his clients and explaining money management in a way that everyone can understand. He achieves this by maintaining a relaxed demeanor and approaching clients with education in mind so that they can maintain a working knowledge of their finances and investments.

Numbers and figures may factor into his life heavily, but when he’s not busy helping clients with wealth management, you will undoubtedly find Steven around the volleyball court. He’s coached for many years, is a varsity official and even has a sandpit in his yard! You can also find him heavily involved in church activities, biking or swimming or spending time in his self-proclaimed “happy place”, Lake of the Ozarks.