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Deb Johnson

Deb Johnson

Financial Advisor

Deb Johnson is a Partner & Wealth Management Advisor at Financial Resources Group. While her background has been in education, more specifically working with special needs students for eight years, she says that making her way into the wealth management world was a happy accident!

Day to day, Deb can be found assisting clients in clarifying their financial goals and forging a path ahead toward those wants and needs. She thrives on being a problem-solver, crafting financial portfolios that are tailored to her clients' needs, rebalancing financial strategies, all while keeping her finger on the pulse of ever-changing market conditions.

When Deb isn’t busy working through financial projections for her clients, she is likely spending time with her horses. She is an English equestrian who competes in Dressage, a unique discipline of riding and training horses. Her free time is also consumed with voracious reading, and taking international trips off the beaten path whenever she can.