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Bradley Zwanziger

Bradley Zwanziger

Financial Advisor

When it comes to being a successful Financial Advisor, Bradley Zwanziger says that listening carefully is one of the best ways to get to the heart of his clients' needs. For five years, Bradley has been working with Financial Resources Group., building relationships with his clients and helping them create a lifelong financial plan.

But that’s not all! Bradley has worked hard to turn his client relationships into friendships, so much so that he’s helped his clients with a variety of unrelated projects, like removing a fallen tree from their yard to running errands and grocery shopping. And he loves that his clients have come to trust him like this.

This has been somewhat of a family industry for Bradley, with family members working in financial services roles since he was young. This sparked his interest in money and the stock market, which morphed into him working in wealth management full-time.

Bradley loves competition, so it should come as no surprise that he spends his free time coaching his kids’ athletics and golfing himself. He also enjoys cooking, traveling and taking road trips, and anything to do with the holidays.