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The Team Approach

The Team Approach

Financial Resources Group was founded in April of 1997. The firm was formed because we believed, and continue to believe, that clients are best served by a team approach, which means you get a team of financial professionals guiding you instead of just a single account executive.

The entire team is involved in establishing your financial plan. Because of our varied experience and our clients' varied needs, each client is assigned a primary contact. The rest of the team will be involved as needed, especially with the periodic account reviews.

Because we work together, each advisor in the office should have a good understanding of your situation. This concept works especially well so you don't need to wait for the answers you need should "your" advisor be out of the office.

Each of our representatives has extensive experience, many holding various professional designations and are licensed to sell a variety of investment and insurance products.  One of the benefits of working with us is our ability to provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and services and a personalized roadmap toward a more secure financial future for our clients.

Our Three Principles

Our Three Principles

Strong Long-Term Client Relationships –built on respectful listening, and bringing clarity to client’s desire.  We work with families and organizations that span generations.

Client Education – we don’t expect our clients to be financial experts. We educate our clients through the portfolio planning process, annual review meeting, and major life changes as they occur. 

Providing the best customer service possible – through our team approach to client financial management that encompasses outside advisers including CPA’s, Attorneys, Business Managers, and our highly collaborative internal team.

Our Process

Financial Resources Group will help you establish a financial baseline with your investments and help develop a life long plan. From the beginning our guiding principle has been that client interests should come first. Our goal is to help you get your financial life in order and help you manage your investments. We're looking forward to using our expertise to help you pursue your financial goals. 


Let's meet and find out what your goals and needs are, both short and long term.


We will formulate a consolidated investment sheet with income projections for retirement.


We will create a list of recommendations for your individual situation.


We will then set up and help you manage your investment and retirement accounts.

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